Two worlds - Francesco Verso

La settimana scorsa era uscito Due mondi, di Francesco Verso, una innovativa storia in grado di coniugare il genere Fantasy e la SF. Qui in Kipple Officina Libraria crediamo molto nella pubblicazione in questione da deciderne la messa sul mercato nella versione tradotta in inglese: Two worlds.

Francesco Verso's story represents a bold and, in our opinion, a perfectly successful attempt to overcome the boundaries between science fiction and fantasy, though the latter is understood in a "biotechnological" sense.
The story is set in a very remote future, on an Earth very different from today: human evolution has taken paths that led to the advent of other races. Races facing anguishing questions about their own future. The presence of a mysterious Tower of Seeds will rekindle in some individuals a new hope and the desire, perhaps utopian, to restore the ancient environmental balance.

>From one of the most promising voices of the new Italian SF, a short story that can be rightly considered a real milestone in the fantastic genre. When the scientific speculation marries the pathos of the best Fantasy.

The author: Francesco Verso (Bologna, 1973) has been shortlisted at the 2004 Urania Mondadori Award and in 2009 he won the Urania Mondadori Award with the novel e-Doll - The Smilemaker. Some of his short stories appeared in magazines such as iComics, Robot and NeXT.
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