Articolo di Europa SF sul Connettivismo

Segnaliamo un interessante articolo di Giovanni De Matteo su Europa Sf ( sul Connettivismo.
Ecco l'inizio:
"Not for Connectivists Guide to the Galaxy (I).
Next-Fest is the name Sandro Battisti, Gabriele Calarco and myself have chosen, not without a certain ambition to break with our past conventions, for the first “connectivist” (connettivista) gathering hosted in our Capital.
The “connectivists” arise primarily as authors: they are writers, poets, artists, sometimes filmmakers, strong of their experience on the network. The first form of aggregation has historically been represented by blogging, then came the movement, conceived as a natural extension of the ​​experimentation area found in the immediacy of the Web 2.0: connectivism was born here and can be interpreted in a straightforward way as an incubator. Of ideas, visions, methods and models. It is useless, or rather “sickly”, claiming to want to talk about it without ever having bothered to read even half a story. And it would be better anyway to read stories till the end, because history teaches us that sometimes they can reserve a twist in the end."

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